I have been incredibly lucky in that I have always had bosses, colleagues and family who have understood and helped me through the difficult periods in my life. For that reason I now look back at my breakdown as both the worst time in my life but also the best thing that ever happened to me. But not everyone is so lucky. I have seen in my own case and other friends and family just how variable the quality of care and treatment can be. That can only be ended if politicians now match the rhetoric with real action to end a historic injustice that governments have tolerated for too long.Alastair Campbell

I think for a long time I made the same mistake as many others make confusing being depressed with being fed up. Now I do understand that depression is something very different. I don’t want to revisit the events in question; that is all in the past. But the reason I am supporting this campaign is because of what I have seen and learnt as a constituency MP and because having required treatment for depression myself, it is an experience I never wish to repeat. It has given me a whole new insight into an illness I really didn’t know much about and now I am determined to do whatever I can to make sure people with mental health problems get proper understanding and treatment and the resources to go with it.Andrew Mitchell MP

There is little more agonising than depression, and yet there is still such stigma attached to it. If it doesn't affect you it affects someone you know.Ruby Wax OBE

I am delighted to support this new initiative to raise the profile of mental health. Health policy must recognize the importance of linking a commitment promote physical health to a similar commitment to promote mental health; one individual and one definition of good health.Stephen Dorrell

Business is beginning to understand better that there are not just good human reasons for a new approach to mental health and mental illness, but good economic reasons too. All firms depend on their people and that means looking after their mental health and well-being. As attitudes among people and businesses change for the better so the decisions of government should reflect that which is why I am backing this campaign to invest more in our mental health services. It is the right thing to do, morally and economically.Martin Gilbert

Good luck to the campaign. Everyone knows someone with mental illness and I am absolutely behind the campaign to get more money and more attention for how we help people with mental ill health. Slowly but surely the taboo is ending and that is a good thing. But we have some way to goGordon Strachan

For many years now, both in government and then in my book More Human, I've argued that to build a stronger society we need to tackle the causes of poverty and inequality, not just their symptoms. There's absolutely no doubt that mental health matters hugely in that context, and so it makes complete sense for the government to act on this campaign as part of its commitment to dealing with Britain's long-term social problems.Steve Hilton

I have spent all my life in professional sport and have seen a big change in attitudes to mental health and mental illness. But we still have a long way to go before we can say physical and mental health are seen in the same way. Most people will know someone with a mental health issue and yet it still lags behind physical health when it comes to government spending and general public attitudes. I am more than happy to support this campaign.Alan Pardew

I am concerned to ensure that the progress in improving mental health care that has happened over the last five years is continued so that mental health is never again at the back of the queue for investment and the front of the queue for NHS cutsRt Hon Nick Clegg

As president of Combat Stress I am fully behind this campaign to get better understanding of mental Ill health, and better resourcing of treatment and research. All walks of life are affected by mental ill health but we owe a particular debt to servicemen and women who give their all for their country and often have lasting negative psychological consequences. The debate surrounding mental health is changing and the changes in attitude and awareness must be matched by decisions on spending.General Sir Peter Wall